Reviews for OG Kush

These days boutique indoor strains are all the rage. Day-glo colored THC juggernauts that smell stronger than a stripper's perfume saturate the market. It's nice to see a CA classic like Yerba's OG Kush grown outdoors and with optimum results. A perfectly balanced hybrid with the ratios nature intended. It's plenty strong for any die hard indoor fan, but wont make you anxious. Great for anytime!

Picked up some OG Kush from SPARC. Very strong and tasty. Nice numbing effect and very calming. Great flavor, but not quite as strong as one would like from OG.

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It's that Sticky, Icky, Icky... Ewwww Weeeee!!!!

This is one of my favorite strains! "BAR NONE"...

Not a one-hit wonder, but a strong high when it comes on (in about 10 minutes for me). Smoking more increases the high. It starts as a healthy sativa, but then it gets sloppy, and I end up pretty loopy, mixed with sleepy. So yeah, it's a potent smoke, but kind of a creeper. Taste is savory on exhale. The main characteristic of this is potency, I think. Even the vendor made an economic argument for the bud when I'm now more sympathetic toward, about how you can get by with smoking less. I have a big tolerance, but I got loopy on my first smoke of the day at 10 a.m. on one bowl, after the high finally came in.

O.G. is one of my favorite strands if not the favorite!

This is a great strain. If you ever have the chance, get it! The high comes in after 2 good ol' bong hits, and creeps up and is like a constant peak until it fades off over a 30 minute course. It's like climbing and climbing a huge tree and then falling off. But you don't die. It's like falling into a cloud of marshmallows. It's just right.

Over all smell was good , looked very hearty , hairy , taste like sweet pine , mellow smooth smoke, not harsh ever, great finish, would say try it in a hot bong or water pipe of your choice, this will help in the flavor exp.

Now I've been smoking for about 10 years so kind of new but pretty well experienced.. I smoke 2-3 grams daily to myself. I'm telling you this so u have an idea of my consumption and maybe can relate. So these where my personal opionions about this. Good stuff