What is the information next to the products I have created?

"On your Product page, you will see a list of the items you have submitted to the Cannabis Reports database, along with the professional photos you have included to represent your brand.

UCPC: When you create a product, you are also creating a Unique Cannabis Product Code and Product Identification number that can be used in a number of ways.

Locations and Pricing: You will also see displays of the number of dispensaries and delivery companies that are carrying your cannabis merchandise, as well as the lowest, highest, and average price at which your product is being offered.

QR and PID: Click on the QR code or Product ID code to access the image files for either of those codes. These images can be used on your labels or in your distribution chain.

When you click on the Edit button, you will be able to edit the specific details for that product, but the QR code and Product ID number will always remain the same for that particular item submission."

How can I manage my cannabis products?