What are the different forms of cannabis available in my area?

"There are many different types of cannabis. Cannabis Reports lists four different categories: strains, edibles, extracts, and products. Each form is capable of displaying unique properties and no type of cannabis is better than another. Everyone reacts to cannabis differently, and a large part of that is the way in which the cannabis was consumed.

Cannabis flowers are commonly available for smoking and vaporizing (combustion and inhalation). Eating the flowers will not produce any psychoactive effects.

Cannabis edibles are consumed orally and digested in the stomach to produce medical effects. There are a lot of edible classifications, like chocolates, candies, treats, snacks, drinks, sauces and more!

Cannabis extracts are consumed in a variety ways. Some are designed to be smoked and vaporized, while others are meant to dissolve behind the tongue or in liquid. Hash, waxes, and oils are the most common cannabis extracts available at dispensaries, although there are many more specific classifications that you can explore here at Cannabis Reports!

There are also a wide variety of cannabis products that do not really fall under traditional classifications. You can explore these fun cannabis items, like salves and bath salts, in the Product section of our site!"