Cannabis Genetics

Frequently Asked Questions for Cannabis Genetics

Why are cannabis genetics important?

"Understanding cannabis genetics can open up a whole new platform for your discovery. Every person has a unique endocannabinoid system that responds t ... "

What does it mean for cannabis plants to have stable genetics?

"A cannabis plant that is genetically stable will produce future generations with little genetic variation, making it easier to predict the characteri ... "

What makes a cannabis plant a mother?

"The female cannabis plant produces the budding flowers that will eventually contain all of the medically beneficial cannabinoids and other terpenes. ... "

What are cannabis clones?

"A cannabis clone is a clipping from a mother plant with stable genetics (seeds carry similar genetic traits found in future generations). Cannabis cl ... "

How do you read cannabis genetics?

"Cannabis genetics are displayed to indicate the parents of that particular strain. The healthiest, most robust plants are chosen for breeding and are ... "