Cannabis Dispensary in Oakland, CA

8440 Enterprise Way
Oakland, CA 94621

Today: 9am-7:59pm

Welcome to Phytologie! We are a group of compassionate patients on a mission to cultivate a community with a deep understanding and love for the healing properties of Cannabis. We do so by providing lab tested and organic medicines, and fostering a safe environment for patients to ask questions from our knowledgeable staff.


New Patients ALWAYS accepted and welcomed ! Free Pre-Rolled for new patients and same visit referrals.

Menu Item Reviews

Not very much product usage per bottle, unless you only weigh about 100-150 lbs. I took an entire bottle over 3 days with only 5 dropper-fuls and it was gone. I can't spend $50 just to test the product and still give a really good rating because I couldn't tell. It DID stop my nausea & gastric noises but it tastes bad. It helped some, not too cost-effective.

Working on SR’s videos.... Alway love the kush, easy high, highly creative. Can’t wait to see what I get done today. ;)-‘’’’’’’

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