Harborside Health Center

Harborside Health Center

Cannabis Dispensary in Oakland, CA

1840 Embarcadero
Oakland, CA 94606

Today: 10am-8pm

Our Mission Help every individual person who comes through our doors feel truly cared for, valued and respected. Protect medical cannabis patients by providing a safe and affordable alternative to the dangerous circumstances of the illegal drug market. Honor the trust provided by our fellow citizens by faithfully and rigorously observing and enforcing the laws of the progressive, visionary city of Oakland, and the great state of California. Protect the safety, tranquility and cleanliness of our immediate neighborhood. Create an extraordinary environment of medical care, honesty and friendliness. Encourage engagement of the mind-body-soul nexus in the healing process. [...view full]


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Super Frosty and Purple! Smells like a red candle, Nice personal stash! A++

Bought December 2015. Advertised as 200 mg. I believe it. High tolerance are 1/2 and worked my ass off for about 4 hours. Next day ate the other half. Great brownie. WARNING the website THCafe says they add only 70 mg per edible. If that's true then I would question the effectiveness fit the $$$. For me a 1x dose is 90-125 mg and I like to pay no more than $10 per genuine 100 mg

a little bit too much CBD.. hardly any thc, no psychoactive effects whatsoever.and whereas I was always looking for that, after smoking LR,I realized that I guess I do in fact want a little bit of thc in my strain.I want to feel it. lemon remedy is something I'd let my mom smoke who is scared of feeling anything at all..